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or; visa application process, you suck.
Published on January 30, 2008 By SanChonino In Travel
After a lot of rigmarole and some superior hoop-jumping, everything is finally in place for my studies in Spain - more or less.

I had to move my flight - I was supposed to leave yesterday, but the visa would not have arrived in time.

I had to bug the visa department of the Spanish Consulate incessantly.

I'm going to miss the first week of school, so I'll be a bit behind when I get there.

But all this is okay. All these are hurdles that I'm willing to jump to study in Spain.

And the hurdle-jumping is (mostly) through. Okay, so I may not have a place to stay yet, but me and my professor's son are probably going to get a place together, to save on rent.

But that's small potatoes compared to the not having the visa - which just showed up on my front steps, dropped off by my mail lady.

Yay. It might seem like I'm not too excited about it, but if you could see the smile on my face.

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on Jan 30, 2008

I would respond completely in Spanish, but I'm tired and getting kind of rusty.

Don't forget to say "Hola" to those hot Spanish chicas.

on Jan 30, 2008
on Jan 30, 2008
And here's how I intend to arrive back home . . .

Married To The Sea
on Jan 30, 2008
yay! have fun
on Jan 30, 2008
(Citizen)SanChonino Reply #2

Let's see...I think I can translate this.

I am the president of the future!
The little bean is the vice president!
We love to swim and dance.
I don't like irregular verbs.
You don't like irregular verbs.
The bathroom is here.

Yeah, I still got some of it.

on Jan 30, 2008 happy for you! See, you did it!
on Jan 30, 2008
Congrats bro.  Great news.
on Jan 30, 2008
I'm-a drop a train on 'em!
on Jan 30, 2008
I TOLD you it would happen!! If only you would have listened to me...Yay!!!!
on Jan 30, 2008
Congrats! Sounds like a dream come true for you. Have fun, learn something, and good luck!
on Jan 31, 2008
maybe if you could post some video of you jumping up and down I might have an easier time believing it! He he.
on Jan 31, 2008
Go to Spain by bus because (as you probably already know), The rain in Spain stays mainly on the Plane! :~D

Glad to hear you get this opportunity!
on Jan 31, 2008
What about the girl?


What about the girl?

I don't know. I still really like her, and she really seems to like me, but what kind of schmuck would I be if I asked her to "wait for me"?

If she's here when I come home, great. If not, there's plenty more opportunities out there.

Thanks, everyone! Wait until I start posting pictures!
on Feb 03, 2008
Great news, mate. Now comes the hard part: packing! Good luck with it all.