Self-deprecation is worth its weight in smoldering phoenix-ashes and baby unicorn tears.

It was a bright and breezy morning, with just the right kind of chill that seeps into your bones and makes you long for warmer weather or at least a thicker coat. I was stepping out of the Smith's grocery store, pleased to have just purchased the obligatory vegetable tray that my branch wanted me to bring for our New Year's Eve festival at the bank this afternoon. (I'm tired of always being assigned the relish tray, simply because they like the dip that Momma Jones - and, due to her tutelage, I as well - make for them. I want to broaden my potluck horizons, people. Give me a break from the veggies, please.)

As I meandered back to my car, what should confront me but a horrible, terrible sight - a gross old lady in skin-tight sweats, the word 'bebe' emblazoned across her posterior, jiggling grotesquely with every step.

Absolutely stupefying.

I'll never understand where old/overweight people get the idea that they should wear skanky clothing. Personally, there's nothing I find less attractive than smuttily-clad bigger gals. Please - I'm chubby, I get it; I keep myself adequately covered by clothes that are designed to fit me, and don't let my grossness hang out all over the place. If only the rest of the big population would keep this in mind, we'd all be hunky-dory.

However, they don't. My eyes are assaulted like this on a regular basis - people with their skeevy thong unmentionables hanging out of their too-tight pants, tube and halter tops that show every bulge and wrinkle, bellies that hang out over hidden waistlines of jeans.

Please. It has to stop. Now, I'm a hot-blooded male; I like to see attractive women in less-than-appropriate clothing as much as the next guy. But I would sacrifice EVERY bit of revealing, tight clothing if it meant I never have to see an old, flabby butt with 'bebe' wiggling on it ever again.

Every bit.

And frankly, this goes for men, too - NO MORE TANKTOPS. EVER. There is no excuse for it under any circumstances, men. I don't care if you're ripped like a 1984 Terminator-era Arnie, I don't want to see it. And basically, the fact is (even if you think you are) you're not built good enough to wear it.

Fat guys - cover your darn bellies. I don't want to see your flabs hanging out under your shirts - buy larger, if you need to. And NO SHORT SHORTS. For the love of my unborn childrens.

I will do MY bit to make sure that I never let this happen to me. (It helps that I'm male and don't own sweatpants that I would ever wear anywhere besides my home, but I digress.) This is my first (of many to come) New Year's Resolution: to not be gross when I go in public.

Burqas FTW!

on Jan 01, 2009

I love this post.  I am not fat maybe I need a toner body,  but I do get the occasional muffin top if I wear the jeans that aren't loose enough.  I quickly go and grab a sweater or bigger jeans.  I live in a place where all the big girls wear tight shirts with their big boobs hanging out and their back titties on full display.  GROSS!!  Thanks to Beyonce and bootylicious it started the fad to wear pants with adjectives on your ass and trust me Bebe is a great brand but these women should be wearing "Jello Booty" or "Cottage Party" logos on their ass.   

My cousin is maybe 40pounds overweight and I am being generous, she tries to fit into the medium Hollister shirts.  I can see every stretch mark  on her belly and mind you in the summer.  I live by the shore, these humpbacks wear the most colorful suits as if your their thighs rubbing together isn't calling enough attention. I think I will start a protest next summer. 


There is clothes body appropriate and there are beautiful big girls who look great and feel great about the way they look.  My mom is a bit overweight and if she ever came home with sexy stamped on her ass I would strip off her pants and burn them.

Well I am off to do some sit ups .  I wil be wearing sweatpants and a hoodie

on Jan 01, 2009

Now that's a picture to hang on the fridge.

on Jan 01, 2009

Being as I'm slim and ripped () and that I live in a generally hot climate, I can get away with wearing tank tops (I am guessing these are what we call singlets).  These are almost a prerequisite in our climate.

I don't really have a problem with people I don't know wearing whatever they want to wear.  If they look ridiculous, I often wonder why their friends or family don't say anything to them. 

on Jan 01, 2009

You sure you're not a closet Country-Club Republican?

on Jan 01, 2009

I agree.  Here's a tip just because it zips or buttons or otherwise fastens and you think it fits, that doesn't mean it looks good.  I have a far from perfect body but I want to look as good as I possibly can and that means shopping for clothes that flatter my less than perfect body. 

 I've always hated the writing on the ass pants.  I don't care if you have a fabulous body, they still aren't classy. 

Though I have to say that I love bigger people who still dress stylishly and don't let themselves fall into the big and sloppy rut.  It might be harder to find flattering clothes but they are out there.  You can still look good if you wear double digit clothing sizes. 

on Jan 01, 2009

Now that's a picture to hang on the fridge.

Damn straight. More cushion for your pushin' displayed there.

on Jan 02, 2009

Losing weight and becoming more fit is always a great New Year's resolution.

No matter the age, body frame or weight of a person, I'm all for dressing modestly.

The more I cover up, the better I look...what' underneath is for my husband's eyes only!



on Jan 02, 2009

I don't like words on the butt (even tho I have a pair of sleeping shorts with Hawaii on the booty).  I don't wear them often because I don't want to associate the size of my ass with the BIG island.  har har

Every year I get older, I try to accept people where they are.  Even if that means not staring at the hip huggers showing butt crack, the back boobs, the muffin tops.

Instead I try to see the large ladies I meet, like the ones at my endocrinologist's office.  Most are hormonal messes and their size reflect the body's betrayal.  It's not ding dongs and candy bars these women carry in their purses, but protein drinks and gym memberships.  But they're still fat, some morbidly so.

I was a member of a Gold's Gym in Florida.  Hard young bodies ran the place.  They always smirked and made fun of fat men/women who came in to work out (behind their backs of course).  And you know what?  I thought that was WAY uglier (and in need of being covered) than fat bellies and back boobs.

But there is justice in the world.  That particular fitness facility closed...not enough hard bodies to stock it and pay the bills.

All that to say, those women in the photo are fat.  So what?  They obviously think they look good.  Who are we to say they have to hide because they don't fit our definition of beauty?

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  Personally I think Beyonce should wear a bag over her face because I don't think she's pretty at all.....see where I'm going with this?

I'm not saying I like to see large women in stringy bathing suits.  But I'd rather just turn my head than make someone feel ugly.

Nope, not self-righteous...I  have more days behind me making snap judgements about people because of size than not.  But I like to think things besides the size of my ass are growin.





on Jan 02, 2009


For the most part, I think your comment is right on.  

Every one of us is created by God in His image and likeness and from that we are to understand every one has intrinsic dignity and we should treat one another as such no matter the outward appearance.

But the larger question that SC seems to be asking is: have these women gone too far? I'd answer yes. Clothing sends a powerful message and dressing with dignity sends an even more powerful message. We've lost our sense of decorum in public today.

I would guess that most women including these picutred would want to be treated with respect....but that's tough when there is no modesty in dress and women don't seem to respect themselves.  

"Who shall find a valiant woman? Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her....She hath made herself clothing of tapestry: fine linen, and purple is her covering....Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall laugh in the latter day. Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain; the woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:10, 22, 25, 30

"In like manner women also in decent apparel; adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety, not with plaited hair, or gold or pearls, or costly attire, but as it becometh women, professing godliness, with good works." 1Tim. 2: 9-10.


on Jan 02, 2009

Nothing hotter than blubberery bodies getting all jiggly.. .

on Jan 02, 2009

I would guess that most women including these picutred would want to be treated with respect....but that's tough when there is no modesty in dress and women don't seem to respect themselves.

I can only speculate Lulu on where these ladies are when the photo was taken.  But it looks like a private residence.  It's not like they were walking down main street this way...

on Jan 02, 2009

It does seem to be a private residence, trying to see the background.  It isn't what we are used to, as Tova said, hard bodies is what we find beautiful.  Look at how difficult we find it to accept ourselves or anyone else if we don't live up to that ideal? But those women do seem to be happy, and confident, and God bless them, braver than I would be in a two piece suit!


That said, I do agree about the dressing the age part!  Sometimes though the clothes in the stores are not with covering up and looking good in mind!

on Jan 03, 2009

But it looks like a private residence. It's not like they were walking down main street this way...

Well, it all may have started out private, but somehow someone posted it on the Internet and so we are talking about it here on JU!

Seems to me there is a lesson here as well.


on Jan 03, 2009

This article needs to be posted in every mall across America.

I don't go the mall to be grossed out by people who don't own mirrors. I go to check out all those beautiful women who do know how to dress .. err .. I mean to check out all the great stores in their fine establishment.

Joking aside, the article still needs to be posted in every mall.

on Jan 03, 2009

Joking aside, the article still needs to be posted in every mall.