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Published on November 10, 2008 By SanChonino In Entertainment

I was doing some homework for my online class (History of Rock Music) this weekend. Our chapters this weekend were a mixed bunch, with a chapter on funk and disco and another on the development of rap.

Now, rap and hip-hop are music styles that have long escaped me. I've always sorta liked house music like the Beastie Boys (and their instrumental stuff has always been my favorite, oddly enough), but never really got into the hip-hop scene.

Recently, I've found a few hip-hop artists who have really grabbed my attention. Saul Williams was the first guy to really catch my eye, and due to listening to a lot of Saul (who isn't really a rapper, but does rap when he wants to) I decided to check out some other noted experimental hip-hop guys.

One day on Kerrazy I saw a release of a rapper named Dälek, and I downloaded it on a lark. And I've been really impressed by it - it's dense and atmospheric, it's angry and socially conscious and noisy.

Then, thanks to, I was introduced to Sole, another experimental rapper who pushes boundaries and is totally awesome. I've heard most of his CDs at this point and I'm rather hooked when I want a good beat and some great stream-of-consciousness writing.

Because I was looking for their websites to share with the people in my class, who hate rap and did nothing but complain about it all week, I discovered that Sole and his new backing group, the SkyRider Band, are coming to town this Thursday.

And I'm totally going. I'd regret it forever if I didn't go see this amazing artist, especially when it is only 8 bucks.

So I'm sure you'll all hear about how awesome (or sucky) it was afterwards.

on Nov 10, 2008

Nice!  Hope you have fun! 

on Nov 10, 2008

Hey mate, I'm pleased to here you're expanding your tastes into this genre.  I agree with you that there is a large amount of c-rap but there is also some very good music to be had.  Might I recommend English artist who calls himself Roots Manuva.  He suffers from synesthesa, which makes for some interesting beats.

Another group I can highly recommend is The Roots (the name similarities are a total coincidence).  This Philedelphia band are great musicians who write intelligent, articulate hip hop. 

Yet another group, this time from Canada and a little hard to find, are Bullfrog, who are a 9 piece (I think) band and play great funky hip hop. 

Then of course, there are those antipodean wonders, JC Ronikal.  Can't beat them with a stick