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Published on June 27, 2008 By SanChonino In Misc

It's been heartening to see the response on my last Spain post, 'Does anyone even care'.  It's made me smile.  Really it has.

Thanks to sister Cedarbird, brother BlueDev, ForeverSerenity, DynaMaso, CharlesCS, little-whip, RoyLevosh, uDigItTheMost, InBloom, momijiki, mikeb1954, skybright, Ockham'sRazor, asaxygirl, and everyone else who's trudged through those wordy, fat, ugly posts.  I enjoyed posting them, and it was always a pleasure to read the comments.

But I'm tired.  Tired of typing my journal entries and posting them to my blog.  I'm tired of blogging all together for a while.

But I can't think of a better way to wrap up my posts about Spain than with that last one, about my love for the Mediterranean.  I still write in my journal, but I just don't feel any desire to type them up and post them here.

I just don't.

Maybe it's that 'shark-jumping' Roy was talking about on his blog.

At any rate, I'm grateful you all made the journey with me, but for JU, my Spain journey is over.  I'll still comment and come see y'alls articles, but I don't know if I'll post anything for a while.  And when I do, I've got a whole mile of CD reviews I need to post before I write anything else.

So thanks, guys.  Thanks for the patronage and the encouragement.  Thanks for being my friends.  Thanks for caring about my articles when I thought no-one did.


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on Jun 27, 2008

I enjoyed them.

But you know what?  Take a break!  Sometimes it's good to recharge and just enjoy life.  Filtering life through the blog filter can be tiring.  Charge up and come back.

I was doing a walking trip on Tokaido Road and blogging about it every night.  It was exhausting.  I only did five days before having to go back home.  I want to continue the walk but the blogging part is the most daunting.  Ok, that and then processing the digital images I was taking and trying to post them the same night.  I've looked back on those posts and thought that it was nice to have something so consistent to look at but it was a major drain at the time.

Anwyway, blog again! (I'd like to do some geeky SF quote here but I just woke from a nap)

on Jun 27, 2008
Trust me, I DO understand.

Thanks for being my friends.

You are more than welcome. And thank you, too.
on Jun 27, 2008

We all take a break at times, thanks for the tales of Spain,    Blogging is supposed to be fun and a good release, if it hasn't been that for you lately, it's time.  Looking forward to the CD reviews.




I can resist anything but shamelessly rubbing your nose in it. ;~D

on Jun 27, 2008
Looking forward to the CD reviews.

I'll post them over here when I get to it, but in the meantime, you can check them out at BlueDev and my music review site, since JU2 ate the JoeUser version of it.

I got one up there this morning (for the new Sigur Rós album) and more are on the way.
on Jun 27, 2008

I didn't always comment because whenever I would type something I would delete it because it sounded so trite. I did read though. I hope you will continue to write again when you are refreshed.

on Jun 27, 2008

I try to read as much as I can but can't help that my brain tends to chose some articles over others. Lately I have been reading almost everything on the "recent article" list but don't always reply cause I have nothing to say.

I find it even more frustrating to get few comments on some of my articles I would think would be at least somewhat interesting, and some that don't get any comments at all. I don't expect 40 or 50 comments per article everytime, but I can't seem to figure out how to catch peoples attention. I'll keep trying though. It seems by whinning catches more attention than anything else I write. LOL.

on Jun 27, 2008

I'll still comment and come see y'alls articles, but I don't know if I'll post anything for a while.

Whatevs, I don't believe that for a second. You're too far gone to try and stop now, just like an addict. Say it along with everyone else.... "I can stop whenever I want.... I just don't want to..."

on Jun 27, 2008

Whip!  Are you okay now, though?  Scare me to death why don't you?


Rest at ease, brother.  You still get more attention than I do.  On several of mine combined.

on Jun 28, 2008
btw, i've had a busy week, we bought a new car (chrystler sebring convertible) which we promptly put the cthulu fish on (thanks for showing me those, i did find them at and then I was hospitalized twice for severe emphysema attacks that left me delirious and hallucinating from the Co2 buildup...and it seems I've also had a minor heart attack at some point because they found some bad cardiac enzymy things in me red stuff, (ask your bro, this is all brand new to me.)

You better watch those CO2 build ups, Al Gore says it leads to hot flashes. ;~

I'll be praying for you and your doctors on this. We only have one Little Whip so we can't afford to lose you.
on Jun 28, 2008

I may not have read every single one, but I enjoyed your Spain posts.  It's a place I would very much love to visit, so it was interesting to me.

Enjoy your blog break and hope to see you writing again very soon!

on Jun 28, 2008

Ci Ci Senior.

on Jun 28, 2008
You know you're in my prayers, too, whip, and good luck with the quitting smoking - both you and the Hubby.
on Jun 28, 2008
Ironic that our quitting smoking was something we'd planned last month, before we even started looking for the car that would motivate Simon to quit.

Good luck with that, I'll pray for you!

Maybe God knew that I'd need a little more inspiration than that, so He gave me a little taste of my future if I keep this shit up.

I didn't like it, not one bit.

Don't you hate it when He does that?

Just proves he knows what you need. No matter how annoyed you get.
on Jun 28, 2008
Whip..I am so glad to hear you survived this week. Like Ted said, we only have one little whip.

Stay healthy and enjoy the car ride. We need you.
on Jun 29, 2008

Thanks for the patronage and the encouragement.  Thanks for being my friends.

It has been my pleasure.  I enjoyed your travel blogs and your impressions of Spain.  As for being your friend, well that too is my pleasure. 

Whip, I hope you are going well with stopping smoking.  It is a bloody hard thing to do, I know and I wish Simon and you the best of luck with it.