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or; former senator drops bid.
Published on January 22, 2008 By SanChonino In Republican
It seems as though Fred Thompson has given up his bid for the White House, bowing out earlier this afternoon after a tough start to the primary season.

Thompson, while being the favorite of quite a few of the conservative bloggers on this site, was never a very brightly shining star in the field. Regrettably, he was usually given the short end of the shrift; granted, this was largely due to his long wait to enter the race.

In the midst of a race that is far too full anyway, he just added more confusion to the bunch. He never really escaped the "second tier", because frankly, there were too many people vying for not enough seats.

Add to that his poor performance in the primaries so far, and it's the perfect combination for a failed campaign.

Sorry, Fred. You seemed like a good guy (though your granddaughter-aged wife creeps me out something awful), and while I didn't agree with a lot of your policies, you ran a pretty good race.

(See the story here.)

on Jan 22, 2008
Fred's problem, besides getting in way too late, was that he looks, and often acts like the funeral director from Phantasm.
on Jan 22, 2008

It's sad, the one Republican who didn't have to qualify his conservatism. Some say he didn't seem like he wanted it. Some say he wasn't active enough.

Well, he gave speaches, but the press refused to cover them. He went on the road talking to the people. He layed out what he was about, not what the others aren't about. But I guess that wasn't enough.

I watched the speech he gave after S. Carolina, it seemed a lot like a concession speech, so this really isn't a surprise.

Now those of us who supported him are left wondering who is second best. 

on Jan 22, 2008
the funeral director from Phantasm.

on Jan 23, 2008
Now those of us who supported him are left wondering who is second best.

on Jan 23, 2008
I was actually rather happy to see him throw his name in the ring because he had some good points, and he seemed to be a good 'competitor' for lack of better words, for the other prez wannabes.

However, he entered late, didn't seem to try that hard, had a make shift crew, didn't meet with the public that much and seemed to be lacking anything resmebling an oomph of energy. Plus that and he actually said he wasn't interested in running for president.

A few people have mentioned how he looks to have aged greatly and I've heard of some mentioning that possibly his lymphoma came back.

I figger we need a few more days and then we will see Rudy drop out too, that's a given.
on Jan 23, 2008
I never really thought much about Thompson. The fact that his wife IS so young kind of creeped me out, but I didn't know where he stood on many issues. I find myself apathetic, bordering on the side of relief for his drop out. And the relief is only because he gave me the willies. There's really not a good reason for it.