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or; why exactly is that so surprising?
Published on April 5, 2007 By SanChonino In Music
I don’t know why people don’t think of me as metal.

But they really don’t. There are so many times that people meet me, even get to know me a little bit, and still think that I’m a “classical music all the time” kind of kid.

I still remember working at a local taco joint five or six years ago, and one day it was my turn to pick the radio station as we opened up the store in the morning. I turned the radio to the closest thing I could get to metal in Utah. The manager’s jaw dropped. He looked at me and said, “You actually like this kind of music?”

Back then, I wasn’t even that metal. But I replied, “Yeah, I do.”

He answered back, “Well, you always seemed like a . . . I dunno . . . Classical 89 kinda guy to me.”

That’s when it struck me for the first time. For one reason or another, people seem to think that I’m a boring, classical-only person. Now don’t get me wrong; I love my classical music and probably know more than most do concerning music in general – it helps when you’re a classically-trained pianist who had a crazy college professor for your teacher for the last four years of your lessons.

But simply because I love classical music doesn’t mean I can’t headbang with the best of them. They’re not, as most assume, mutually exclusive concepts.

Most people say that when you get home from being a missionary for my church, you mellow, and stop listening to “that blasted hard rock crap”. I’ve been the exact opposite – I listen to harder stuff these days than I ever listened to pre-missionary. (And it’s all your fault, BlueDev.)

But it’s still funny sometimes. Yesterday at work, I was talking to the new girl. She’s only been in our branch for three days now. We were talking about stuff; what we’re going into in school, what we like to read, etc. So I was gushing about my favorite author, Miguel de Unamuno, and I was simply oozing “lit-nerd”.

Then (the lobby now being closed) I cranked up my computer and turned on “In the Absence of Truth” by Isis, my current favorite listen and probably the single most amazing album to come out in 2006.

Alisa looked over at me in shock. Now, Isis rocks, but it is nothing like some of the really brutal metal I listen to. But her eyes got all wide, and she said to me, “You listen to music like this? I figured you for a top 40’s guy.”

All I could do was smile. “No way, man. I’m metal all the way.”

Now if I could just figure out how to portray my metal-ness without wearing the nasty metal clothes and having the nasty metal hair.

on Apr 05, 2007
I honestly can't do just grates on my nerves along with most rap, hip hop(basically all MTV is anymore, well, when they play music instead of those stupid shows), and country music. Anything else is usually fine.

on Apr 05, 2007
I'm not just metal, I'm bad-as-mother-huggin' metal, man.

Don't even mess.
on Apr 05, 2007

I'm not cool. I listen to whatever pop song-of-the-week the radio tells me to listen to.

My husband though...that guy's a real freak monkey, mmm-hmmm (anyone watch Billy and Mandy's Christmas special? No? Ok.). He had me download some music for his Zune, and holy mother of god.

Such weirdness previously unknown to me.

But if he likes it, that's cool. He will listen to rap, pop, rock, alternative, metal, R&B...pretty anything but country and when he's in the right mood he'll listen to country, too.

You and Blue Dev both like metal. Maybe your parents raised you wrong. Haha. Kidding!
on Apr 05, 2007
I like my rock a lot on the electric guitar and little on the bluesy side a la AC/DC for example (Ride on comes to mind, or Riff Raff hell yeah!). And country? Maybe (maybe!)some of the old stuff like Hank Snow or something in out of the way old people taverns while working on a good beer buzz and shooting pool in the sticks of Oklahoma....

WWW Link
on Apr 07, 2007
In the eyes of most people what are fans of metal suppose to look like? I'll be very curious how people would answer that. To me, both you and your brother look metal. But again I only seen one pic and I've read alot of your articles so maybe that has something to do with it.

I remember when I got Radiohead tickets some years back and people told me I didn't look like someone who would like Radiohead. Then at a poker tournament last year, a guy sitting at my table told me the same thing when he saw my old beat-up Radiohead t-shirt.

Now I'm wondering what Radiohead fans or metal fans suppose to look like?   

on Apr 07, 2007

You know, I get the same thing all the time.  Though since I have the buzzed head and the goatee, I get a little less surprise. 

To be honest, I kind of like it.  I think it is fun when people act shocked I dig metal (and some of it is pretty heavy).  Rock on man, rock on.

on Apr 07, 2007
I think it is fun when people act shocked I dig metal (and some of it is pretty heavy).

It was even better when I had the preppy haircut, no chops, and no goat. People really looked at me funny. Now, with the chops and goat, it's a little more believable, but some people will invariably be shocked by my metalness.
on Apr 16, 2007
Ah, categorisations are for those of limited imagination, as far as I'm concerned. You and me are like this in a lot of respects. I like all sorts of music (currently listening to the Deftones as I write this) but people think I must be into indie music. When I tell them I'm in a hip hop band, they look... well, shocked.

Keep 'em guessing, I say