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or; a little put-off
Published on April 17, 2006 By SanChonino In Internet
I've got a great idea for a blog, but I don't want to publish it until the sidebar is fixed. It's one of those things that I want everyone to read and enjoy, and while I do have some faithful visitors (for whom I am grateful), I'd really like to share it with others.
So I'm waiting for it to be fixed!!!!!!!

on Apr 17, 2006
I'm waiting too.
on Apr 17, 2006
What does it do? Do you mean on UserJS? What happens when it works that isn't happening now?
on Apr 17, 2006
The sidebar isn't showing the updates of your own page, your links, or the most recent articles list and most recent forum posts. This makes it slightly annoying to try and post stuff, seeing as how you're posting to a blind audience . . .
on Apr 17, 2006

I wanted a Margarita.
on Apr 17, 2006
That would definitely take the edge off, and I'd imagine it would certainly make the schoolwork I'm doing a bit more interesting. . .