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November 20, 2008 by SanChonino
It's true. I've been feeling ill for the last week and a half. Originally, I thought it was a bug of some kind. I don't think it is anymore. In fact, I'm afraid I'm going to feel sick like this for the next, oh, seven or eight months.

'Why', you ask?

Because I'm really, really nervous.

Ever since I went and had a good talk with my professors and have been looking into graduate programs with some degree of depth and seriousness, I've been sick to my stomach. That's it - I don't have...
November 6, 2008 by SanChonino
A quick post, because I'm ditching class and feel like making one: Been listening to a lot of Cloud Cult lately. After the rainy-day miasma that was the election season, I was in serious need of a pick-me-up, and few bands can do it with the aplomb of Cloud Cult. But this morning I've been enjoying their latest (and supposedly last - say it ain't so, guys) release, Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes), and I've been moved by one of the songs on the record. (Expect a review of it...
October 21, 2008 by SanChonino
Usually I love school. When I'm taking classes that are engaging, interesting, and keep my attention, I'm more than willing to put in the effort it takes to excel. In Spain, I worked my hindparts off - and consequently got some of the best grades in my classes and (I was informed by Profesora Giralt upon my return) I also did better than any other exchange student ever in the Weeb's history with URV.

So, obviously, I enjoy school as a general rule. However, that is not true at all of my pe...
May 7, 2008 by SanChonino
14 Apr 2008.  3:43pm.

Some days I miss home - real home, not Tarragona-home - more than others.

Today is one of those days.

Maybe it's because I don't have anything to occupy my time - I should've bought my return ticket for Sunday night rather than tonight because 1)nothing is open on Mondays, and 2)I'm broke anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to find anything free to do besides exactly what I'm doing - still chilling in the park.

Maybe it's because all this 'alone ti...
May 5, 2008 by SanChonino
Or are you just twits? 

But seriously.  So after hearing all about Twitter for all these months, I finally signed up.  And you know what?  It'll be cooler once I'm back in the states and have a phone plan I can afford, because I'll be posting from my mobile phone.

Yeah, Twitter is tacky, but it's also rather fun.  I mean, stupid and tacky fun, but fun nonetheless.  Yet while most of the twits I follow are known in the Stardock family of sites, they're alm...
April 30, 2008 by SanChonino
I'm pretty sure that's the most exciting title I've ever given an article of mine.  For the record.

Now, this is a story I don't tell very often (and I didn't even tell my family about it until I was back at home, for good reason) but I've had a couple of requests to share it.  This was, without a doubt, the second scariest thing I've ever had happen to me.  Even scarier when the crazy woman was shooting at us with her shotgun and hit the sign right over our heads.

So, h...
April 24, 2008 by SanChonino
More Madrid.  I wrote a lot while I was there.  Don't worry, my next post will be the murder story.  And then back to Madrid.  Still got at least two, probably three more posts from there, and then back to beautiful Tarragona.

I'm totally going swimming later today in my beautiful sea.


12 Apr 2008.  10:10pm.

My phone rings early, an alarm to get me up so I don't have to wait in line at the Reina Sofía Museum.  After a day full of renaissa...
April 23, 2008 by SanChonino
11 Apr 2008.  9:19pm.

For lunch, Gloria, Jani, Asunta, Merced and I go to El Museo del Jamón, which, for its goofy name, is actually quite good.  The paella is especially tasty, chock-full of little seafood.

Following lunch, we meet the teacher and the others in front of the entrance to the Palacio Real.  We get in and as our guide takes us from room to room, I'm almost sickened by how gaudy and ostentatious it all is.  While it's pretty, it's mostly pointless....
April 22, 2008 by SanChonino
More awesome Madrid!  You know you get bored by it.


11 Apr 2008.  1:02am.

After the Biblioteca Real, we separated - but as we were leaving, Carolina asked if I wanted to come to dinner with them.  I answered in the affirmative, and we exchanged mobile numbers.

Around 10pm my mobile rang, and I was off to meet them for dinner by the opera house.  (Gotta love Spain's version of dinnertime - 9pm at the earliest.)

I arrived just as they did, and as we ...
April 17, 2008 by SanChonino
Another big, fat one.  Sorry, CB.  Hate me for it.  I dare ya.  Plus, I took a long time getting all the hyperlinks to (hopefully) work - each piece of art I mention should pop up in its own browser window/tab, depending on your settings.  So get to know some of the art I got to see.


09 Apr 2008.  8:37pm.

A few weeks ago a friend in one of my classes told me about a trip that her class was going on to Madrid, and explained that the teacher had exte...
April 15, 2008 by SanChonino
Howdy, y'all.  I've been in Madrid for the past week, so I'm a bit behind.  Like 20 hand-written pages behind.  And each article I post here is usually 2-3 pages.  So I've got a bunch, and I'm going to try to keep them shorter for Cedarbird's sake, since she loves to complain about how long-winded I get.  Whatever.


02 Apr 2008.  5:24pm.

"Say pull for me again.

"Say hot for me again."

I sit in the darkened booth, twisted sid...
February 25, 2008 by SanChonino

Another excerpt from my travel journal, and I think you'll like this one – the two of you who bother to stop by and read them at all lately . . .

(Hey Cedarbird - and BlueDev, too, if you ever stop by anymore - let's keep this to ourselves.  No need for the parents to know, if you know what I mean.)

November 20, 2007 by SanChonino



that's all you ever do.

But you don't SAY anything.
August 29, 2007 by SanChonino
Yeah, mostly I'm not actually leaving. I just love when people post those "Goodbye, JU" articles. They're funny.

They're especially funny because they inevitably come back.

I'm just waiting on you, Bakerstreet.


School starts this week. Already I've got too much homework to really be blogging right now. I've got 30 pages to go in Don Quijote, and still have an essay to write by t...
November 3, 2006 by SanChonino
Heh heh heh.

That's all I want to say as I poke around JU today. I've finished my homework (I think) for the weekend, and here I am, sitting at the kitchen table in the new house, waiting for the plumber to fix the tub, and then it's off to work. (hi-ho.)
Once again, the Drama Dragon has reared its ugly head and there's just "so much emotion!"

Heh heh heh.

The drama can be fun, and I really don't care about this one one way or the other. MM and I have had our tiffs, but we generally...