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Published on May 5, 2008 By SanChonino In Blogging

Or are you just twits? 

But seriously.  So after hearing all about Twitter for all these months, I finally signed up.  And you know what?  It'll be cooler once I'm back in the states and have a phone plan I can afford, because I'll be posting from my mobile phone.

Yeah, Twitter is tacky, but it's also rather fun.  I mean, stupid and tacky fun, but fun nonetheless.  Yet while most of the twits I follow are known in the Stardock family of sites, they're almost all from WinCustomize.  While that's great and I love catching up with those crazy cats over there, I want to be able to stay up-to-date with my JoeUser friends, too.

So if you're a twit too, either leave your info or a link to your Twitter page here, or go ahead and follow me.  That way you can find out all the great info I'm too lazy to write an entire blog about!

Hey, it's better that I post one-paragraph thoughts there rather than one-paragraph thoughts strewn about JU like offal from my empty brain.

If you're not a twit yet, sign up.  I promise that after you get over how dumb it is, you'll totally dig it too. 

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on May 05, 2008
on May 05, 2008

I'm a facebooker myself. kinda strange when your folks join and can see all the photos of drunken escapades you never thought they'd know about

on May 05, 2008
I'm a facebooker myself.

Play with both. You can even set it up so your Twitter updates post on your Facebook, too. I just set them up on both my Blogger blog and my MySpace last night.
on May 05, 2008
Twitty bump?
on May 05, 2008

I just don't get it.  I don't even want to know what I am doing in short, random, irritating text-bites.  Why would I think anyone else wants to?

on May 05, 2008

I've heard that Twitter is good, but I don't know anything about it. I prefer JU, I've been to Twitter a couple times and it looks too colorful. Plus I don't use my cell phone for anything actually communication related. Just the occasional call (only if it's free), and gaming. Yes, I actually play cell phone games.

on May 05, 2008
the updates from facebook are both cool and annoying, and it all depends on what the poster is like. I don't need daily info about jr.'s bowel movements, but find it kinda amusing when someone can post something original about daily activities. Hit or miss, for sure.
on May 05, 2008
More of a Facebookie myself...maybe I'll take a gander at this twitter thing, though.

on May 05, 2008

For what it's worth:

on May 06, 2008

Hey there! Add me!


I've been twittering now for a month or so. Maybe longer. But I've gained quite a following, and I enjoy meeting new people and networking through Twitter. I somehow managed to get on this list of the 'twitterati' as well:


Nice to see some more people on it!

If you need more convincing, perhaps check out Why I Love Twitter, or perhaps @scobleizer's explanation of why bloggers should do it.

on May 06, 2008
Now I'm stalking Zoo!

OMG, I see it now. It's all an elaborate scheme by the StalkUsers to trick me into giving up personal information.

AND I FELL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

Alas, I shall have to live with the shame....

after you get over how dumb it is,

One of my earliest tweets was something like, "This really is silly."

on May 06, 2008
I somehow managed to get on this list of the 'twitterati'

Hey, I want to be a Twitterati!

Where do I send the bribe?
on May 06, 2008
You're all being stalked by yours truly.

Gotta love it.
on May 06, 2008
Thanks for the link, ID. I'll give Witty a look. And gimme a minute, I'll twit you, too.

You twit.