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June 29, 2008 by SanChonino
  Maybeshewill:  Not for Want of Trying


  Year: 2007


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Maybeshewill is a band that I was introduced to only a few weeks ago, through a recommendation of my software. The thirty-second clip it gave me was very reminiscent of the impeccable post-industrial band 65daysofstatic (even the name - words run together - seemed to suggest serious ties). So after a bit of searching, I w...
June 28, 2008 by SanChonino
  Made Out of Babies, The Ruiner


  Year:  2008


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When I first got my hands on Made Out of Babies' sophomore effort, Coward, I couldn't say enough good about it. I loved (and continue to love) that album. I still think it's one of the most frightening records I've ever heard. It's brutal, it's ugly, it's engaging, and it's scary. I can remember thinking to myself, There's no way they'll...
June 27, 2008 by SanChonino
It's been heartening to see the response on my last Spain post, 'Does anyone even care'.  It's made me smile.  Really it has.

Thanks to sister Cedarbird, brother BlueDev, ForeverSerenity, DynaMaso, CharlesCS, little-whip, RoyLevosh, uDigItTheMost, InBloom, momijiki, mikeb1954, skybright, Ockham'sRazor, asaxygirl, and everyone else who's trudged through those wordy, fat, ugly posts.  I enjoyed posting them, and it was always a pleasure to read the comments.

But I'm tired....
June 12, 2008 by SanChonino
NASCAR is a Yankee invention to keep the South placated; they will never rise again.


Here's an idea - if you're going to sing along in an ugly voice to a crappy song, why don't you at least make sure you know the words, stupid?

Your mom called, Pervy.  She hates you as much as I do and hopes you get robbed when you're in Morocco.


Sometimes I wish I could make people understand The Mars Volta, because no one seems to.  Yes, they're overwhelming, and they m...
December 12, 2007 by SanChonino
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November 29, 2007 by SanChonino
Just non-thinking (posting without reading, editing, etc. first), since it's almost more fun that way -


A god (small "g") who would automatically damn his children without any hope of redemption is an asshole. (Thus the small "g".) A God who truly loves his children would provide a way for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them to come back to him. Whether they do or not is up to them, but it doesn't change the fact that the opportunity is there for everyone.

Thoughts to the contrary are...
October 12, 2007 by SanChonino
Friday and that.

Sitting at work, listening to the incomparable voice of Maria Christensen, thinking about the homework that's due this weekend that I have yet to start.

I'm gonna play my guitar when I get home.

I'm actually going to eat lunch today; I'm thinking an Arby's sub is in my future.

Friday and that.

I want a seven-string guitar.

I want a mandolin.

But I have to save my money for Spain. So . . . no new instruments. (Besides, I have eight stringed things. You'd t...
September 13, 2007 by SanChonino
Ya que estoy en la escuela otra vez, no he tenido tiempo de pensar sobre nada. Así es la vida, por supuesta, pero no quiere decir que me gusta esta situación . . .

Pero, tengo algunas noticias que quiero compartir con vosotros.

A todos los que dicen que el bachillerato en español no sirve de nada: Largaos. Id al diablo, y jodeos. Y NO ME IMPORTAN UN PITO.

A todos los que tratan de forzar su supuesta “cristianismo” en los demás: Callaos. Quitad la madera de vuestro fregado ojo ante...
July 30, 2007 by SanChonino
Back from Hawai'i.

What a miserable thing, coming back to civilization after more than a week of pleasurable playtime, a whole nine days of not having to think about work, the looming school semester . . . ANYTHING AT ALL.

A week to enjoy a totally new and unexplored (for me at least) place, a tropical paradise filled with green valleys, majestic mountains, painfully clear blue waters, and plenty to see, hear, eat, try, and experience.

And now we present . . . the drudgery. Welcome bac...
July 11, 2007 by SanChonino
So I'm sitting here at work, and my phone buzzes, "Message for you, sir!" (Yeah, it's from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when the guy gets shot in the chest with the arrow.)

I pick it up.

It's from this girl. A girl that's, sure, my friend, but it's not like I see her (or that I want to see her) as anything else. She's nice, but I'm just not into her like that. I like girls a little more . . . erudite? . . . than that.

But so it says, "I'm free!"

I answer, "From what?"

December 5, 2008 by SanChonino
I heard this story earlier today on the radio show I listen to, and was absolutely disgusted by it. I can't believe that people still think that we should loosen our gun laws.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - Three men, including a small-town police chief, were indicted Thursday on involuntary manslaughter counts in the gun-fair death of an 8-year-old who accidentally shot himself in the head with an Uzi that a prosecutor said he never should have been allowed to handle.
The club where the fair was he...
July 1, 2008 by SanChonino
   Sigur Rós: Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust


   Year:  2008


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Sigur Rós is, to me at least, inexplicably popular. I don't really understand how a band that sings in either Icelandic or a made-up language and that composes as down-tempo and chill music as they do gets as large of a following as they do.

I've been a fan of theirs on and off since the fi...
June 20, 2007 by SanChonino
People are loud. They persist in yelling, talking at the top of their lungs, and shouting into screens and at each other. And on stupid cell phones. Sometimes I just want to throw my cellphone in the garbage disposal and enjoy watching it get eaten by the spinning metal blades.


Doctor Who for the win. Especially the new Series Two. David Tennant is my favorite Doctor ever. Hard to believe that anyone would ever take Tom Baker's place as the coolest Doc ever. But hey – the (geekta...
June 9, 2007 by SanChonino
e·piph·a·ny [i-pif-uh-nee]
–noun, plural -nies.
a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day.
an appearance or manifestation, esp. of a deity.
a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.
a literary work or section of a work presenting, usua...
June 8, 2007 by SanChonino
Confuscious (how the hell do you spell that name anyway?) say:

You show your true face to the people who really matter.

Or so my fortune cookie at lunch declared to me.

I began to think to myself, I show my true face to the people who really matter? Who do show my true face to?

No one.

So I guess no one matters.

Pessimistic. Yeah, I know. (Which is a new shade for me. Usually I'm lucky Mr. Optimism, but lately . . . I blame the science. Or the dodecahedron.) But I continu...