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Published on October 21, 2008 By SanChonino In Blogging

Usually I love school. When I'm taking classes that are engaging, interesting, and keep my attention, I'm more than willing to put in the effort it takes to excel. In Spain, I worked my hindparts off - and consequently got some of the best grades in my classes and (I was informed by Profesora Giralt upon my return) I also did better than any other exchange student ever in the Weeb's history with URV.

So, obviously, I enjoy school as a general rule. However, that is not true at all of my performance this semester. I'd like to think that it's not burnout; I assume that if I was attending classes I actually gave a care about I'd try to pay attention, try to succeed and focus on my work. However, I couldn't care less about any of the classes I'm taking this semester. To give you a taste of why I'm so bored, here's my class list this semester:

Telecommunications - a 'required' class I'm only taking for the credit hours, rather than just CLEPing out of it. It involves 'learning how to navigate Microsoft Office programs and use Windows'. Now, I can see how this class might be useful for some people - but DOOD I'm bored out of my gourd here. I know how to do all this stuff already. And it doesn't help that this class starts at 7 am - doesn't make it really easy to want to get up and trundle off to class.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes - now this class sounded interesting in the course catalog. And I needed one more science class to fulfill the requirements for my BA. So I thought, How can I lose with the chaos of volcanoes and earthquakes? Fail. The teacher (the hilariously named Adolf Yonkee) is the most humorless, boring cad on the planet. I didn't think you could make volcanoes boring, but he's succeeded flawlessly. I loathe attending this class.

Latin American Authors - normally this would be my cup of tea. I love to read good Spanish literature. Only two problems with this - 1)the class is in English; and 2)I've already read all of the books we're studying this semester in Spanish. It's difficult for me to want to attend a course where I've already read all these novels in the original language. Occasionally our class discussions will be of worth; however, usually I just sit there and doodle in my graph paper.

Rock Music Styles - yet another class that (on paper) seemed like it would be a winner. It's an online course and I have a hecks of a time having the initiative to do my assignments. I thought I would care more, and I think if the rest of my classes were fostering more of an ambiance of learning that I would try harder. The problem lies in the general apathy that the rest of my classes give me; it's almost impossible to care about this one class when I'm so nonplussed by the rest of them.

So that's this semester. Boring doesn't even begin to describe it. I feel like such a failure. I used to love school; now I'm completely apathetic towards it. I can only hope that this general apathy will dissipate when I'm taking classes I like again, or I'm really up a creek without a paddle, because I'm going to be in a University setting for the rest of my life.

Oh noes.

on Oct 21, 2008

Are you close to graduation?  LOL, most of the classes you picked sound (key word being sound!) like cake, haha.

I always hated early morning classes.  I had a weight training class at like 8 am and Adrian had chemistry at that time...we had like an hour and a half drive to school, plus we had to get ourselves and the kids up and out in the morning.  I had to get up so early I'd regularly throw up before we left.  YUCK! 

There are times when I think I miss college...I really like working on projects and "assignments"...although I sometimes find or make my own little projects, haha.  So gay I know.  I don't miss the stress or the HUGE drain on my time, though.

Semester's getting close to being over, San Cho!  Don't kill yourself yet.  Hehe.

on Oct 21, 2008

Too bad the profs have to make things so boring. I wonder how many students drop out or fail just for that reason? Hang in there.

on Oct 21, 2008

There's a whole class about earthquakes and volcanoes?  Wow...I think you could cover each of those in about a week...unless of course you're getting super detailed with it.

My classes aren't too bad...I have a tendency to daydream, but that's always been one of my issues.

I did cut the heart out of a turtle last week...that'll keep your attention for sure.


on Oct 21, 2008

It's total apathy.  I'm so with you.  I quit caring about halfway through my program.  I'm about done--I have one more paper and then my portfolio to put together, and I will have my Master's degree--YAY!

I think it would have helped if, over the past year and a half, I would have had more than two weeks of breaks.  Trying to teach and do this at the same time is a LOT. 

You'll get there, my friend.   You're ALMOST to the end of the term!  Is next term looking a little more interesting?  I hope so!